Monday, August 25, 2008

Skipper the Swedish Farm Dog

Skipper loves Tennis.
Skipper used to bring his minder for long walks and some lazy lunches down on the beach. The only thing he required on the walks was a tennis ball. When I went round to his house one day I realised why. He has a tennis ball fixation. There were dozens of them, everywhere, so you won't be suprised that the title of this painting is "Skipper loves Tennis"
He is the happiest of dogs, has a constantly wagging tail and is seemingly tireless. The Swedish / Danish Farm dog originated as one of those multipurpose farm dogs who could do anything from catching mice to herding cattle as well as being an entertaining and affectionate companion.
He is smart and funny and the genuine article, really like a cross between a Fox terrier and a Jack Russell terrier. Skipper is super! I would have put him in my case if I could have.
It was impossible to get a photo of this little dog with his mouth shut! He is always smiling or panting and ready to go. This pose seemed to sum him up.. Mr Happy ..always by your side waiting for you to throw one of those tennis balls. It's acrylic on canvas.

When I paint an animal the best possible secnario is to meet the model face to face. Sometimes I can sketch there and then but usually I take lots of photos and then make sketches to familiarise myself with the shape, the character and what makes this particular dog, horse, rabbit etc different from all the others. If there is a quirk of temprement that I can show, I do. The more you know about your model the better job you will make of the painting.
Here are a couple of "getting-to-know-you sketches" of Skipper.

and the finished painting..

"Skipper Loves Tennis" Acrylic on Canvas 16 x20 inches


Veda Murthy said...

fantastic work there! all the blogs are good...botanical one is good too!

The Garden Monkey said...

Do you ever do monkeys?

PainterLee said...

My goodness you captured soooo much personality in this painting! I love it!!!!

James Parker said...

I came over from Lee's blog, and so glad I did. Super poochie portraits. I just posted 3 "poochtraits" and really love painting the marvelous little critters. Stop by and visit. Coffee's on.

Anonymous said...

you draw beautifully!

Sande said...

I see you're multi-talented! Your animal drawings are every bit as beautiful as your plants.

Shady Gardener said...

What fun that you've begun this blog!

Poetikat said...

Please post again soon!


sharp green pencil said...

A BIG thank you to all who left comments on this much neglected blog.. Believe me I am rather longing to get back to my bigger furry friends.. bees have rather taken over my life at the moment .. hopefully after May !!