Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miami Belle

One day last year, walking through San Pedro on the Costa del Sol in Spain there was a large black shiny car parked at the curb, empty except for this little dog. As I walked past she threw me a glance, but was more intent on the return of her chauffeur.
A Costa cutie complete with a bow and attitude.
I made a tiny quick sketch just to remind me of the scene. Here it is.

It was a couple of months before I got round to the finished painting. I took some photos of shiny black cars and found a little white dog who posed charmimgly.. her name was Mitzy. Quite appropriate I thought. Initially she was called Marbella Princess, but in honour of my current Florida home she is now Miami Belle.. Que chicitita! no?

"Miami Belle" watercolour on paper 30 x 22 inches


PainterLee said...

As a born and raised Miami girl...I have to say, you nailed the attitude in this painting! Fantastic! I've added your link to my blog so I can check back in regularly. Keep up the great work!

Mary McAndrew said...

tried to leave a comment and it got deleted when I tried to pick an ID, Blogger hates anything but blogger!
Anyways, I love the way you captured the reflection of the car with watercolors!
I only painted two dogs but would like to do more.

sharp green pencil said...

Hi Mary, thankyou so much for your comment! I ahve the same problem often with blog comments even other blogger blogs. This was a fun piece to do I really need to get doing some more dogs very soon!