Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meet Jessie and Charlie and Jenny

My two lovely dogs, now long gone to some doggy heaven. Jessie the whippet lurcher who used to sit on the chair next to me while I worked and Charlie, here as a young dog before he grew into a big bad hairy lurcher, a bit of deer hound, a bit of greyhound and a lot of gypsy. They were both rescue dogs and a bundle of trouble.

I drew them many times. Also in the family was Jenny. She was a pretty reject racehorse who in her youth was a dark dapple grey just like a rocking horse.This little oil sketch is of her in old age and is the only recorded image I have on my computer.

These are all old images but looking at them again reminds me of how lovely it is to have a painting or two of these old friends.

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The Painted Cat said...

Wonderful! Jessie in particular is just wonderful.