Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drawing the Dog

A new blog for an occasional self indulgent piece of work. I am busy with but I do like to paint other things too. Due to moving about so much I am dogless and horseless now and so can be often found gazing wistfully at the dog parade which takes place on Park Avenue every weekend. A few of those classy mutts will be recorded here I am sure.
The first posts will be dogs, horses and other pets I have drawn for myself and for others, and then, no doubt a variety of wild life from the environs of Orlando. Join me from time to time to see who and what I encounter.

I have called it Drawing the Dog because it will obviously have lots of dogs in it but also, when I was a little girl, my mother could sometimes be persuaded that "drawing the dog" was a legitmate excuse for avoiding dreary tasks such as tidying my room or washing up....I have been " drawing the dog " ever since.

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